Tina's Tiny Darlings
What we do:

We are a small kennel.  Tina's Tiny Darlings  
is a small breeder with a nursery and 1 new heated/cooled
kennel building.  All of our dogs are loved and cared for
in the best possible manner.  They are all family pets with
unique personalities!
Our Mission:
We strive to find the best homes for our  
puppies.  We believe that pet owners live
happier, healthier lives.  Our goal is to find the
right home for the right puppy.  All of our
puppies come with a health certificate by a
licensed veterinarian and are current on all
required vaccinations and worming.
Welcome to Tina's Tiny Darlings
My first Chihuahua, Chi Chi!
Poodles, Yorkies, and Maltese

We invite you to view our available puppies that are now
ready for new homes.  Don't forget to also look in our
nursery at puppies that will soon be available.  We have
chihuahua puppies of all colors and sizes!
We also have an occasional (1 to 2 litters per year) of
maltese and yorkies all purebred and registered!
Many price ranges for any budget!
If you ever need a friend, get a dog!
Dogs love you always and unconditionally!
Here is Hercules and I!
He was our first
breeding male
but we sold him as a
pet only!